Goal 1:  Increase participants' community involvement and expand their leadership skills by educating them on regional issues.

Goal 2:  Develop participants’ leadership skills by exposing them to community leaders and local resources. 
Goal 3:  Facilitate networks of contacts to assist participants in becoming effective community leaders. 
Goal 4:  Promote the importance of community involvement after completing the program and encourage class participants to be actively
             involved in the Greater Williamsburg community.
Goal 5:  Implement outreach efforts to broaden and diversify the participant base and alumni participation. 
Goal 6:  Support seamless transitions that encourage continued program success.


  • Bring together, from a cross section of the community, a diverse pool of participants eager to expand their community involvement.
  • Introduce the participants to key community leaders and organizations.
  • Establish for the participants a network of contacts helpful for becoming effective community leaders.
  • Provide participants with an enjoyable experience as they enhance their roles as leaders, gain personal and professional growth, and form lasting friendships.
  • Provide an Alumni Association enabling participants to continue their involvement with and support of the LEAD program.

Updated January 2018

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