Historic Triangle Healthy Habits (HTHH) is a regional initiative to improve the quality of life for residents by supporting the health and well being of the community.  Our  goal is to educate residents in Williamsburg, James City and York Counties about the importance of healthy living for the sustainability of our communities and to highlight tools available to make healthy lifestyle choices easily and on any budget.  
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Historic Triangle Healthy Habits (HTHH) is a three-fold effort:

Restaurant Choice
will assist restaurants in identifying healthier menu items and portion sizes.  Restaurants who meet criteria developed by a registered dietician will be recognized as a participating restaurant in the HTHH initiative.  They will receive a window decal, web listing and printed materials to inform their customers, the community and visitors.  There is no cost to the restaurant to participate.    Participating restaurants are listed below.

Fitness Markets will showcase demonstrations by local chefs, parks and recreation, and other health related organizations from our community.  Come exercise with us!

Recipe Exchange will enable local residents and chefs to submit their favorite healthy recipes on the HTHH Facebook page.  Participants will be eligible to receive prizes at a raffle drawing at the Yorktown Fitness Market on May 14th. There will also be an opportunity to submit recipes that are both healthy and budget conscious. Stay tuned for more details!

Why is the HTHH initiative important?

The LHT class decided to promote a healthy lifestyle as a result of consulting with local community leaders, schools, social services agencies and health professionals, who cited the growing need in the region.  Their decision was also supported by considerable research into the effects and costs of poor health on everyone – government, businesses and individuals.  Here are some facts:

·            In 2010, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth cited that 22% of

Virginia youth are overweight or obese. 

·            According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), obesity is costly:

        From 1979-1991, annual hospital costs related to obesity among children and adolescents increased from $35 million to $127 million.

        In 2008, obesity-related medical care costs were estimated to be as high as $147 billion.

        In 2006, obese people spent $1,400 more in medical care costs than did people at a normal weight.

·            The CDC also reports that dietary changes and increased physical activity are the most effective tools for improving health and reducing health care costs.

Although the HTHH program is unique, the twenty-two members of the LHT class developed it using criteria similar to other programs across the country modeled on a blueprint and guidelines recommended by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s leadership for healthy communities.

Healthy Habits Historic Triangle Participating Restaurants


Restaurants interested in participating should email hthh2011@gmail.com.

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